Google’s New Stuff?

So everybody by now has probably heard of Google+ . The new social media network by Google. Less than a week or two into it’s official launch Google+ seems to be out to really compete with Facebook. But what else is Google up to? Let’s take a look!

Google Music:

It seems like Google is going to achieve what Apple wishes it could… A cloud based music network. Google music is going to allow you to sync all of your music to the cloud so that you can access it from any device. I have a friend on the beta who is loving it so far. No need to sync his android for new music every few days. It gets done automatically! He can even add new music from multiple devices.

App Inventor:

Ever have a great idea for a mobile app? Don’t know how to program? Never fear! Google is here! Google labs has come up with App Inventor. It’s a browser based Mobile App designer for Android! With App Inventor you can create simple custom Mobile Applications without using any code! All you need to do is connect actions together in a visual designer and you have your own custom app!


Supper fast editing with google scribe. Google Scribe allows you to create documents quickly using smart text prediction. All you have to do is start typing and Scribe will suggest a word. Press the space bar and Scribe will automatically complete the word and began the next. As a feature currently found in cell phones text prediction has potential to dramatically increase typing speed. Google Labs has a stand alone version available for you to try but i would not be surprised if this feature starts turning up in Docs and other applications.

Drag and Drop Image search:

Google Image Search makes searching for images easy. But what if you want to search WITH an image? What is that bug? Where is that flag from? Who’s Logo is that? Are there any other pictures like this? Now you can! Just go to and drag an image from your desktop or another browser window. Google will use it to search with! It can be surpriseingly accurate. Or not so much, either way it’s a cool fun tool!

Much More!

Google is working on a whole lot of stuff! Want a quick preview and lots of demos? Check out the Google Labs site!

I will be going over some more current Google products soon!

Also, Check out Google’s Top 10 Failed Projects!


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