A guide to Music Download sites! (not i-Tunes)

So as many of you may know i’m a DJ. Recently i’ve been moving to digital DJing with Tracktor and Virtual DJ. Which is great. I’ve ripped most of my vinyl to mp3 and everything is working more or less wonderfully. But now it’s time to download some new tracks. So where to go? I will not DJ pirated tracks so if you are in the same boat that I was than this guide is for you.

At the moment I use several download sites here is a run down with pros and cons.



  • Great interface.
  • Long music samples with player on site.
  • Lots of tracks in lots of dance genres.
  • Great chart.


  • A bit pricy per track.
  • Fairly popular a lot of other DJs use these tracks.
  • All Dance and DJ tracks.



  • Lots of good popular music
  • Around $1.00 per track
  • eMusic gives profit directly to independent artists and producers 
  • Great offers for loyal customers


  • Monthly subscription = Monthly download limit.
  • Use all your credits by the end of the month or they go away!
  • It often dose not have what i’m looking for.
  • Not a whole lot of Dance or Electronic (but a good amount).
  • Singles, Mixs and Albums mixed together (hard to find useable tracks sometimes).

Juno Download


  • Massive Selection.
  • Allot of very fresh tracks.
  • Many genres.
  • Well Organized.
  • Great charts.


  • A bit pricy.
  • Sometimes samples dont load.



  • Supper Cheep! ($0.15 per track!)
  • Huge selection. Can find almost anything!


  • Just how legal is this site?
  • Terrible site design.
  • Music is poorly organized.
  • Quality and bit rate of tracks is inconsistent.
  • No download manager!
  • You HAVE to know what you’re looking for.

I hope this has helped all of you perspective DJs out there!


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