Lexx – Season 1 Review

Lexx is a strange one. The story goes like this…

Thousands of years ago the Brunnan-G (a race of humans) defeated the insects in a great war. Many years later the human race has fallen under the rule of “His Divine Shadow” – A tyrannical ruler who transcends death by leaping from host body to host body. It is prophesied that the Brunnan-G would free humanity from the Divine Shadow, so the Brunnan-G are wiped out. The last of the Brunnan-G, Kai, is killed – his memories stolen by the Divine Shadow, and is reanimated as a programmed killer with the use of ‘proto blood’. Now 2000 years later His Divine Shadow has just completed the greatest weapon of all time! The living space ship LEXX. During a failed attempt to by a rebel group to try and steel the LEXX it falls into the hands of blundering and disgraced security guard Stanly Tweedle, ugly wife convicted of not pleasing her husband turned hot as hell love slave Zev, a disembodied malfunctioning robot head 7-90 and ofcorse the now dieing again Kai. Along with them for the ride are a cannibal girl and a full compliment of disembodied brains from the pre-existing hosts to His Divine Shadow.

Season 1 started out as a series of four ‘Action-Pack’ made for TV movies. The show is plagued by an over complex plot, poor acting and a confusing back story. While (at the time) it had amazing CG effects and great space visuals the sets were lack luster and unconvincing. The cast was less than a likable or well balanced ensemble. Stanly was simply a blundering idiot and i began to wish that he would be killed some time before the second ‘episode’ was finished. Kai seemed like he was supposed to be from a proud race however we never learn anything about them – even after visiting the home world – and Kai himself seemed more upset about being dead than anything else. 790 was just annoying. Zev seemed to be the only character with any real depth. Having grown up in a box, knowing only holographic teachers and being prepared for the ‘bride bank’ and then being rejected by her husband she is alittle naive. She is also the hottest character which makes for one steamy shower scene and lots of getting hit on by Stanly and 790.

The LEXX seemed kind of lacking. Being a huge insectoid ship I’m guessing that the set designers tried to make the viewer feel that the ship was vast by making it very empty. There are 5 identifiable rooms…

The Bridge: Inside is one organic looking chair for the captain and a very large view screen. The rest of the crew has to stand. Behind the bridge is a balcony of sorts which is used to land ‘moths’ used to get around inside and outside of the LEXX.

The Cryo Room: This is ware Kai is stored while waiting for something to go horribly wrong (every episode). He is frozen in Cryo Tubes to keep his remaining protoblood from running out.

The Shower Room: Surprisingly falic shower heads bathe Zev in steamy water.

A big area: Not sure what this area is for. but it seems that most of the LEXX is hollow. The main part of the ship is just a big dark expanse that you can’t see across.

I did find it easy to finish this first season however because it was relatively short and once you got past the grandiose complexity of the story, it really wasn’t that bad. And with only 4, 2-hour episodes It was an easy way to kill a couple of after-noons. Somehow this show became syndicated to network television for a second season.

Lexx i would rate: 2.5 of 5 (better than a stick in the eye).


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