Social Media and Art do not mix!

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The introduction of Google Plus has put a whole new life into the debate about Intellectual Property on the internet.

Question: Which social platform should I share my art on?

Short Answer: NONE!

Long Answer:

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Google’s New Stuff?

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So everybody by now has probably heard of Google+ . The new social media network by Google. Less than a week or two into it’s official launch Google+ seems to be out to really compete with Facebook. But what else is Google up to? Let’s take a look!

Google Music:

It seems like Google is going to achieve what Apple wishes it could… A cloud based music network. Google music is going to allow you to sync all of your music to the cloud so that you can access it from any device. I have a friend on the beta who is loving it so far. No need to sync his android for new music every few days. It gets done automatically! He can even add new music from multiple devices.

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Game Engines or Frameworks?

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If you are a prospective, independent or hobby game developer you have probably herd about Game Engines and Frameworks. These look pretty appealing if you are watching the demos and you see what other great games have been built on them. The studios who develop them make it look like the easiest most powerful way to make a good game fast. So, what is a Game Engine anyways? What is a Game Framework? What’s the difference? Which one should I choose?

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A guide to Music Download sites! (not i-Tunes)

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So as many of you may know i’m a DJ. Recently i’ve been moving to digital DJing with Tracktor and Virtual DJ. Which is great. I’ve ripped most of my vinyl to mp3 and everything is working more or less wonderfully. But now it’s time to download some new tracks. So where to go? I will not DJ pirated tracks so if you are in the same boat that I was than this guide is for you.

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So when i first herd about Prototype i was pretty excited. I went out and got the PC version the day it came out. The first thing i noticed about the game is how similar to Ultimate Spider Man it was. I spent a LONG time playing USM (8 hours a day, 5 days a week). I can’t tell you why but I thought it was a pretty fun game.

In Prototype like USM you have the ability to run all over the city. There is nearly no place you can not get to by either jumping or climbing up walls. The thing that Prototype lacks is a lovable main character.

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Posted in Sci-Fi on February 14, 2009 by neoncyber2001

I watched the first episode of Joss Wendon new show Dollhouse tonight. I have to say that I’m a big fan of good ol Joss and certainly wasn’t disappointed. The first episode didn’t jump out and grab you by the throat like Fire Fly but it had it’s own merits. I made it a point not to read too much about the show before the premier (apart from an NPR interview with Mr Wendon) so as not to be spoiled by misconceptions and hype. More suspenseful than Firefly and begins to ask deeper questions. What is consensual? What is the difference between a person and there personality? Are our personality just the way we react to our memories? Is it ok to hurt if we wont remember it? The show slowly but surely ratcheted up the tension and by the end of the episode you were pretty hooked. Great acting by lots of pretty new faces and a few familiar ones. I don’t know if Dollhouse will stand up to Firefly, Buffy or Angel yet. But I’m definitely going to keep watching.

Windows 7 Beta Preview

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So i got my self a copy of the windows 7 beta. I’ve been using it on and off for a little while and i guess it’s time to write abit about some of the new features that you will see in Windows 7 as an average home user.

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